Biochemistry Department

University Of Pharmacy, Mandalay

Undergraduate Courses

Postgraduate Courses

1.   Class work assessment

      1.1   Three class tests. (Theory paper)-   9 hrs                                          

      1.2   One practical test                         -   1 hr

2.   Final assessment

      2.1   One Theory paper (1 hour for MCQ & 2 hours for MSQ)-    3 hrs

      2.2   One Practical examination-    1 hr

      2.3   Viva voce-only for potential distinction candidates (a score of at least 75 %) to award distinction.


Total assessment hours = 14 hrs

Total teaching hours = 155 hrs

Grand total = 169 hours

For calculation of the student's performance with regard to promotion, the following weightages are allocated.

              Class work                       30%

              Final Exam. Theory         50%

              Final Exam. Practical       20%

              Total                                100%

      2.4   Pass marks – 50% and above for all compartments (class work, exam. theory and practical)         

      2.5   Moderated marks – 46%

      2.6   Criteria for distinction – Class work have scored at least 70%

                                                   -  must have appeared for all class tests and having at least pass marks in each test.

                                                   -  Final Theory paper must have scored at least 75% in each of the MCQ & MSQ compartment.

                                                      No unattempted question & less than 50% in each answer of MSQ compartment.

                                                   -  Practical paper must have scored at least 75%.

                                                   -  must be able to satisfy the examiners in the Viva voce (Grand Viva)

      2.7   F system                       -  3F


1.   Biochemistry, Lippincott's Illustrated Review by Pamela C. Champe, Richard A. Harvey, Denise R. Ferrier. Latest Edition.

2.   Biochemistry lecture notes





1.   Biochemistry by L. Stryer, WH Freeman  and Co.New York. Latest Edition

2.   Hparper's Biochemistry, by R.K. Murrary, D.K Granner, P.A. Mayes, V.W. Rodwell, Prentice Hall International Inc. Latest Edition.