Botany Department

University Of Pharmacy, Mandalay

At the end of the premedical course in Botany, the learner should be able to:

  1. describe the characteristics of life and living processes (K)
  2. explain how the basic requirements of human beings are being provided by plants (K)
  3. describe the physiological changes in plants which are similar to other organisms (K)
  4. recall the basic principles of heredity and apply it in solving elementary genetic problems (K)
  5. describe the reactions of living things to constantly changing environment (K)
  6. acquire an understanding of patterns of responses made by organisms to stimuli of their environments (K)
  7. explain some herbal plants in Myanmar their constituents, their uses in health care purposes (K)
  8. make accurate identification of cells and tissues of living plant materials (S)
  9. perform and interpret laboratory tests and procedures (S)
  10. make accurate identifications of medicinally important plants in relation to their respective constituents and uses (S)
  11. establish a habit of methodological scientific approach, namely; accurate observation and observation and experiments, and drawing of valid conclusion (A)
  12. believe and accept the role of prevention in environmental pollution (A)
  13. believe and accept that plants possess medicinal value (A)